The Committee Angels is a non-profit organization working with organizations throughout Arizona and several states including Nevada, California, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Washington and Florida.  We are committed to working for homeowner’s rights. Contact us at

Our goals are to set up programs to assist: seniors, veterans, the disabled, single parent families, low income families or anyone in need of help in an HOA/Condominium Association community who have been adversely affected by the economy; fallen behind with association dues, and at risk of foreclosure. 

We are also developing plans to help rebuild communities who are struggling with deferred maintenance, improving professional standards and legal responsibilities of Property Management Companies and help educate Board of Directors of HOA and Planned Communities.

Condominium/HOA Boards have property management firms and attorneys file liens (which can lead to foreclosure), or lawsuits against those legitimately unable to pay their delinquent HOA dues. Many homeowners complain they could pay their delinquencies (or make payment arrangements) if it weren’t for all the legal fees that get added on, essentially burying their family. Delinquencies for a few hundred dollars can quickly turn into judgments for thousands of dollars. The attitude of enforcing collections ‘at all costs’, coupled with a refusal to allow families in crisis to make reasonable payment arrangements, is putting an undue burden on families – even causing senior citizens to skip prescriptions in some cases to try and save their homes.

The ‘all or nothing’ approach of demanding payment in full has played a major role in many foreclosures across our State. Those who through no fault of their own have suffered unemployment, reduced incomes, are struggling single parent families, veterans, or elderly on fixed incomes – who sometimes endure serious medical issues and the rising costs of living – are suffering the heartbreaking fate of losing their homes. Others are struggling to keep afloat from paycheck to paycheck while facing foreclosure. Families are subjected to harassing collection tactics with the prospect of liens or court action lying at their door. A simple internet search well documents how some HOA’s abuse their power. Intimidation, potential targeting, and even possible discrimination and bullying tactics must not be tolerated in any community under any circumstances. If you feel you or a neighbor is a victim of such tactics, please feel free to contact us.


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